Course Description:  An introduction to modern symbolic logic, focusing on translation, semantics and syntax for propositional and predicate logic.  You will learn to translate natural language into the language of logic and vice versa, and study key concepts such as validity, consistency, proof, soundness and completeness.



Instructor: David Barnett


Logic syllabus Winter 2013.pdf


The Logic Book, 5th Edition
by Merrie Bergmann, James Moor, and Jack Nelson

Additional readings

    Readings page

Problem Set Solutions

    Logic Book Solutions, Ch 1.pdf
    Logic Book Solutions, Ch 2.pdf
    Logic Book Solutions, Ch 3.pdf
    Logic Book Solutions, Ch 5.pdf
    Logic Book Solutions, Ch 7.pdf
    Logic Book Solutions, Ch 8.pdf

Supplemental Sessions

W 8pm, Humanities 115

Office Hours

David Barnett:
MWF 3pm - 4pm
Lamont House 204

Jasmine Roth:
Th 9-10pm
Humanities 010

Logic on the Web

David Velleman’s interactive workbook, blogic 

Jose Zalabardo’s online problems

logic gates videos,%20Ch%201.pdfMain_Page_files/Logic%20Book%20Solutions,%20Ch%202.pdfMain_Page_files/Logic%20Book%20Solutions,%20Ch%203.pdfMain_Page_files/Logic%20Book%20Solutions,%20Ch%205.pdfMain_Page_files/Logic%20Book%20Solutions,%20Ch%207.pdfMain_Page_files/Logic%20Book%20Solutions,%20Ch%208.pdf
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